Woman's World Talks about Tim Ferriss's Slow Carb and Supplement Regimen

October 24, 2011 issue of Woman’s World that just hit the stands has created a sensation out of Tim Ferriss’s PAGG supplement regimen. We have been using PAGG for over a year now and it’s interesting now the cat is out of the bag.

With a great big picture of cheesecake with a strawberry on top, the article screams, “Eat Cheesecake!” Smaller print, “one day a week.” And it’s true.

In Tim Ferriss’s book, The 4 Hour Body, he describes a diet of slow carb regimens to follow six days a week. On the seventh day, it’s no holds barred! Eat as much as you want of all the high carb sugary foods you can think of or lay your mitts on!

I followed this myself for several weeks and had those lovely pig fest days. However, after a few weeks, I found myself so thoroughly enjoying my power protein shake with Athletic Greens, that I pretty much forgot about and didn’t seem to need the one day a week of cheesecakes and pie!

Certainly after losing 15 lbs and 7% of my body fat, my needs changed. I really thought I was addicted to pasta and bread. Oh my God, how can I go without bread and sandwiches. Well, now I can say, “Quite well, thank you.”

What I found out is that its really okay to eat a limited amount of the forbidden foods, if, the big IF, you are following the rest of the protocol: Swing that Kettleball at least 10 minutes a day, at the least and at the most, find the regimen that works for you that  you really enjoy.

Sure, the supplements will do their part, if you remember to take them. They don’t work that well if left sitting in the bottles.

If you want it easy, try this over the course of a day.

  • 50 deep knee bends (with a kettleball will ramp up results.)
  • 50 push ups or modified push ups
  • 50 sit ups or modified sit ups.

More to follow…


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